Medical malpractice case studies 2012

Below are examples of why medical malpractice litigation is necessary and ultimately the most effective insurance against insufficient or negligent medical care.

The forty seven year old patient was a veteran of the Air Force, who had been complaining of pain and shrinkage in his left testicle. During the procedure, the wrong leg was amputated.

Five Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

The deformity is obviously not the fault of the medical staff at Palm Beaches, but parents Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana have accused the staff of negligence Medical malpractice case studies 2012 not properly detecting this through ultrasounds, saying they would have aborted their son if they had known he would only have one limb.

Other cards were more sexual, and more notes were found that appeared to be erotica featuring Lozano and his doctor. Contact our office today for a free consultation with our experienced attorneys. Cases like these are known as Anesthesia Awareness, and it is estimated that up to 42, people in the US alone experience it every year.

Medical malpractice is not always as dramatic as it was in these instances, but the mistakes of medical professionals can result in a range of problems from inconvenience, to a more difficult recovery, to death.

Here are the facts of the case. Too often the mistake that is made is hidden in hopes that they can fix what they did wrong without the patient or their family being any wiser. Papers that are self-published may be admiited as the basis for expert testimony. One of the most well known cases is that of Esmin Green.

Desperate to spend more time with her 10 and 12 year old sons, she underwent the procedure. Sixteen minutes into the surgery the medical team realized that he was still awake. If both parties agree, the case may be settled pre-trial on negotiated terms. Unfortunately, only the paralyzing agent worked fully in her case, and halfway through the operation, she woke up but could not move at all.

In the most extreme incidences, the very hands that are suppose to be helping a patient can ultimately become the cause of their death.

Medical Malpractice Case Studies 2018

The patient should have been tested with both chest X-ray and chest CT, treated with antihypertensives and transferred to a tertiary care center. In another case, Catherine Reuter, 74, suffered second and third-degree burns after a cauterizing tool caused the alcohol based disinfectant on her face to catch fire.

In his opinion, both the ED physician and hospitalist failed to appreciate those signs and symptoms and should have included aortic dissection in their differential diagnoses. The nurse later stated that because the blood pressure was unchanged from when the patient was admitted in the emergency department, she did not consider reporting it.

Five Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

Across all care settings the numbers are higher. That involves taking notes and asking questions. The ECG read by the computer showed sinus bradycardia, left ventricular hypertrophy, and nonspecific ST and T wave abnormality. The RN in this case communicated with her supervisor, as per hospital policy, but nothing was done for the patient.

Family members contend that the trauma of the experience led the minister to kill himself two weeks after the surgery. She had been intubated in route and had received Epi and Atropine prior to her arrival.Case Studies Medical Negligence Cases. Home; settled a claim on behalf of a six-year-old boy who contracted the herpes simplex virus at Watford General hospital inwhich led to brain fever.

30 Oct £37m settlement for boy who suffered catastrophic brain injury at Watford General. Jul 15,  · At Meinhart, Smith, and Manning in Louisville, we have handled multiple medical malpractice lawsuits, and we’re ready to look at the specifics of your case, and help you decide if filing a medical malpractice suit is the right move for () May 29,  · 10 Horrible Cases Of Medical Malpractice.

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10 Horrible Cases Of Medical Malpractice

Stumble Tweet. Pin +1 Share InEnrique Ruiz suffered second-degree burns after an electronic scalpel caused his oxygen supply to explode, which the hospital then tried to cover up. Medical malpractice cases can get extremely complicated, as a case that went to the North Carolina Court of Appeals clearly demonstrates.

Marjorie Locklear, who underwent surgery in Julyis suing cardiologist Dr. Matthew Cummings for allowing her to fall from the operating table. Return to: Verdicts & Settlements - medical malpractice case archive.

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List of medical ethics cases

Request a Free Case Evaluation. Lubin & Meyer can evaluate your case at no charge. Please use the form below, or call us now. Call: * All fields required. Download The Fallacies of Medical Malpractice "Tort Reform" (PDF) one of the ten worst states for patient safety in the and Health Grades Patient Safety in American Hospitals studies.

InConsumer Reports started giving hospitals a if the case was a frivolous one. Malpractice lawsuits are by far the most hotly defended of.

Medical malpractice case studies 2012
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